Towing Insurance: What You Should Know About Roadside Assistance

When you select auto insurance, you will be given a variety of options. One of these options is to add roadside assistance to your policy. Many auto insurance policies don't include additional coverage for towing services, which means if your car breaks down, you need to pay for the tow truck out of your own money. However, there are some policies that include roadside assistance either as part of the policy, or as an add-on. [Read More]

The Three Main Types of Auto Glass

Auto glass is an extremely important part of your car, and provides both visibility and protection in regards to the outside world. When looking to replace damaged or old auto glass, there are three broad categories from which to choose from, all of which offer different features and benefits over each other. Understanding the differences between the three different types of auto glass can aid you in deciding which one best suits your needs. [Read More]

Have A Chip Or Ding On Your Windshield? Use These 4 Tips To Make Sure It Doesn't Spread

Dings and chips on your windshield can lead to cracks that require windshield replacement. However, if your view is not obstructed and you need to drive your car, there are some steps you can take to make sure the ding or chip in your windshield doesn't spread and become more serious. Use Tape A simple way to keep the chip or ding under control is to use a piece of clear tape. [Read More]

Volunteer Firefighters: Tips To Make Your Vehicle More Visible

As a volunteer firefighter, you are probably willing to risk your life to help others who are in need of help in your community. However, one of the biggest dangers that you might pose to yourself is probably something that you haven't even thought about: driving to the accident or fire scene. Although firefighters typically drive marked trucks with lights, sirens and more, you probably use your personal vehicle when taking calls. [Read More]