Do Not Overlook Your Car's Air Conditioning Condenser

People may overlook their car's air conditioning condenser, but it plays an important role in keeping the car cool. The small, radiator-like part is often unnoticeable unless you are cleaning out debris from your grille. The condenser tends to get no attention until there is a problem. When the condenser does not work, the entire air conditioning system won't work the way it is supposed to. What do condensers do? The condenser works in a similar way that your car's radiator works, but with refrigerant instead of coolant.

3 Beneficial Interior Accessories For Mack Truckers

If you work in the truck driving industry, you may spend a lot of time in your Mack truck. In order to make your long journeys more enjoyable, these interior accessories can be utilized. Navigation Device As a trucker, you may have to travel in cities that are unfamiliar to you. This increases your chances of getting lost, and taking inefficient routes. This doesn't have to be a problem when you set up a navigation device in your truck.

4 Ways To Tell If You Need New Spark Plugs

They are very tiny components in your car but they play a big part in its proper functioning. Spark plugs give your car that little spark that it needs to go on the road. They ignite the air and it mixes fuel within your car's cylinders. This continuous motion allows your car to ride on the road. Without spark plugs, you may be in for a rough ride. In fact, spark plugs could damage your car's engine if they are not regularly serviced or cleaned.

How To Choose A Radiator Fan

Are you having trouble with your truck overheating? Do you sometimes let your truck idle on job sites while you load cargo or attach a trailer? If so, you may need to take additional steps to make sure your truck radiator has sufficient air flow. Your radiator keeps your engine cool, but it only works when there's constant air flow. Unfortunately, air flow is generated by the motor, so when your truck is moving slow or idling, there's barely any air generated.

What Steps Are Involved In Restoring Your Classic Car?

Maybe it's always been a dream of yours to own a hot rod, or a classic Porsche roadster. For many people, though, the dream never becomes a reality. Instead, they just admire these beautiful classic cars from afar. However, sometimes a person will get the chance to buy a classic car. The most affordable classic cars are "project cars." These are cars that require serious work. Even if you are not mechanically inclined, it might be a great opportunity to own the car of your dreams.

5 Tips For Staying Safe When Your Car Breaks Down

Breaking down on the road can really put a damper on your day, especially if you are in an unfamiliar area. Although being stuck in the middle of the road can be scary, it is important to stay calm. If you take control of the situation, you will be in a much better place. Here are five tips for staying safe when your car breaks down. Get Your Car off the Road

Finally Get Your First Car? Here's 3 Indicator Lights You Should Know About

Now that you have your first car, there's something you should know. When those annoying indicator lights come on in your car, you should have them checked out as soon as possible. That's one thing you usually don't hear about when you're learning to drive. Those indicator lights actually do more than just blink off and on at an irritating speed. They're designed to let you know that your car needs some attention.

Transmission Fluid: Why A Lack Of It Causes A Car To Jerk & How A Mechanic Can Repair The Problem

The transmission must have enough power in order for your car to move. If you experience a lot of jerking when driving your vehicle around, it is likely due to not have a sufficient amount of transmission fluid. In this article, you will discover why a lack of transmission fluid is causing your car to jerk and how to get the problem repaired. Why Does a Lack of Transmission Fluid Cause a Car to Jerk?

Antilock Brakes: How To Tell If Your Vehicle Has Them And How They're Used

When you have to stop quickly, antilock brakes are an invaluable asset. Also known as ABS, these brakes help to keep your car from skidding when pressure is applied to the brake pedal. By keeping your wheels from locking, and allowing them to maintain their grip on the road, ABS provides greater control when stopping. Most new cars have ABS braking technology, but it can be difficult to tell on some vehicles.

How To Let Other Drivers Know You Do Not Need Assistance

In modern America, it is generally accepted that calling roadside assistance and waiting for professional help is the best thing to do when your car breaks down while you are driving. Fixing your car yourself can put you in a dangerous position from passing vehicles, and accepting help from a stranger can be risky. Even with the majority of drivers having cell phones and highway patrol cars keeping track of accidents and disabled vehicles, many well-intentioned people will stop to offer assistance.