Three Things You Could Learn By Watching A Diesel Mechanic At Work

If you have just recently purchased a commercial or passenger vehicle that has a diesel engine, and you find that the vehicle needs some work, you are probably going to take the vehicle to a diesel mechanic. Having little knowledge about diesel engines yourself, you may be curious as to what the mechanic might do to fix and maintain your vehicle. If you ask the mechanic, you may be able to watch what he does and ask questions about this special type of engine.

3 Tips For Staying Safe While Sleeping In Your Truck Shell

If you like to go camping, you might have thought about installing a camper shell on your pickup truck. A good camper shell can provide you with a cozy place to sleep and to store your stuff when you're camping, and it's a much more affordable choice than investing in a recreational vehicle or a lot of camping gear. One thing that you might be concerned about when sleeping in your truck shell, however, is staying safe.

How To Repair A Damaged Aluminum Car Part

If you have been in an auto accident, you may have some dented aluminum siding on your car. Getting a good repair for aluminum can take some effort, but here are the main steps to follow.  Understand that Aluminum is Tricky to Repair Aluminum is often tricky to repair, since it has no "memory". Some other metals, such as steel, will often try to retain their original shape and go back to their pre-collision shape.

Four Problems That Are A Disaster Waiting To Happen With Brakes

There are a lot of maintenance tasks that you need to do to your car. Some of the things you want to do include changing the oil and tune ups. The brakes are another important part of your car, which if the need for repairs go unnoticed, can be a disaster waiting to happen. Here are some things that you will want to know about caring for your brakes to ensure your safety:

Critical Maintenance Steps To Take For Your Vehicle

As a car owner, the last thing you want to have to deal with is an expensive repair. In order to limit these types of repairs, you can take these maintenance steps. Check the Transmission Fluid The transmission fluid is a slippery lubricant that is designed for all of the moving parts in the transmission. It's an important fluid that regularly needs to be checked. Open up your car's hood, locate the transmission dipstick and take it out.

Three Reasons Your Air Conditioner May Not Be Working When Your Truck Is In Idle

During the hot days of summer, having a working air conditioning in your truck is important. If you notice your air conditioner is only blowing cold air when the truck is in motion, but not when it is in idle, there are many things that could be wrong with the vehicle. The following guide walks you through a few things to check to try to troubleshoot what is really wrong with your vehicle's air conditioning.

Kitchen Considerations For Your RV Transition

If you've been thinking about looking into class B RVs for sale and transitioning to a traveling lifestyle, you may be surprised by some of the changes that you need to make. It's obvious, when transitioning to an RV, you're going to be limited on space. What many first-time RV owners don't realize until they move in is how compact the kitchen is. Here's a look at some of the things you should know about stocking your RV kitchen before you buy.

Inspecting And Replacing Brake Pads

When it comes to maintaining your vehicle, your brakes are one of the most critical components. Keeping an eye on your brakes not only helps ensure that you are able to stop on time, it could also end up saving your life. Brake pads wear out after a while. Since the brake pads are one of the most important parts of your brakes, they require inspection every so often. If you drive frequently, you should check your brake pads every 3 months.

First Signs Of Brake Problems

The key to great brake maintenance is to look for warning signs that you're brakes are in trouble. Here are some of the most common signs of a brakes problem.  Screeching Sounds If you hear a screeching sound when you use your brakes at a normal pressure, then this could be a sign that your brake pads are worn down. When these start to become thin, there will be more friction between the metal parts of the brakes.

Mass Air Sensor Issues Could Cause A Shakey Ride

Vehicles need regular maintenance, and some parts can begin to wear down faster than others. If you've started to notice a rattling noise from the front of the car or have been dealing with a lot of strange noises following an accident, keep a few inspection points in mind to get to the bottom of the issue. Front End Issues: Engine Shaking An engine can lose its stability through a number of loose components, but being able to drive while the engine shakes is limited to a few parts--anything else being loose would be a nearly instant breakdown.