How To Repair A Damaged Aluminum Car Part

If you have been in an auto accident, you may have some dented aluminum siding on your car. Getting a good repair for aluminum can take some effort, but here are the main steps to follow. 

Understand that Aluminum is Tricky to Repair

Aluminum is often tricky to repair, since it has no "memory". Some other metals, such as steel, will often try to retain their original shape and go back to their pre-collision shape. This can make the metal easier to repair, as it takes less force to push back into place. Since aluminum doesn't have this feature, it can take more force and time to repair, and the final shape might not exactly match the original. This is something to keep in mind when looking at cost estimates for car aluminum repair. You may want to choose an auto body shop that has experience specifically in aluminum repairs. 

Decide Whether to Repair or Replace

In some cases, you may want to replace an aluminum part altogether rather than repair it. If you choose to repair, keep in mind the costs of repainting as well if there is damage to your paint; while some auto body shops will do touch-ups for minor corrections, it may be wise to consider refinishing the entire area to make sure there's an even tone. Your mechanic can advise you as to the cost of aftermarket and other low-cost replacements as well as repair costs.

Consider Low-Impact Methods

There are several options for low-impact aluminum repair that will help to keep the paint damage to a minimum. For instance, your mechanic can use a specialized rod to pull the dent out of the car. Another option is to use a high strength hot glue and attach it to the car, gently pulling the metal back towards its original shape. A hammer-type tool can be used to smooth out some of the smaller wrinkles that occur in the metal. 

Refinish the Car

If you can find an auto body shop that handles aluminum repair and finishing, then this final step will be much easier. The car may need to have the damaged area spot painted, and then you may choose to add a wax to the car to protect your new coat of paint. 

The options above will get you thinking about how to repair your damaged aluminum. It's always a good idea to come into the auto body shop with a little bit of knowledge, and a repair shop like Exoticar Paintworks Inc should be able to help you choose the best course of action based on your preferences.