Three Reasons Your Air Conditioner May Not Be Working When Your Truck Is In Idle

During the hot days of summer, having a working air conditioning in your truck is important. If you notice your air conditioner is only blowing cold air when the truck is in motion, but not when it is in idle, there are many things that could be wrong with the vehicle. The following guide walks you through a few things to check to try to troubleshoot what is really wrong with your vehicle's air conditioning.

Fuses Could be Blown

The first thing you need to do is check the fuses in the truck to make sure a fuse or relay has not blown. When they blow, they can cause parts of your air conditioner to stop working altogether, which will then limit the air that is blown into your truck. Your fuse panel is more than likely located under the hood of your truck. It will have a cover on it you will need to remove. Look at the inside of the fuse panel cover and a guide should be printed that tells you which fuses and relays are associated with the air conditioner.

Remove each fuse from the panel one by one. Look at each fuse to see if the inside of the fuse looks clouded or dirty. If you cannot see through the fuse, it has been blown and needs to be replaced right away. There are some fuses that actually light up when they are blown to make determining if they are blown even easier. You can easily take the fuse to an auto parts store to get a replacement fuse and replace it in the location of the blown fuse.

The Fan Motor Could be Damaged

Keep the hood of your vehicle open and start the truck. Turn the air conditioning up as high as it will go and look under the hood to find a fan in the vehicle. The fan is typically located near the front of the truck. Check to see if the fan is spinning. If it is not, the motor to the fan may be damaged and needs to be replaced. Getting to the fan motor and replacing it requires specific know how and specific tools. A mechanic should be hired to replace the fan for you.

The Air Conditioner Could be Low on Freon

Freon is used to create the cool air you feel the air conditioner blow into your truck. If the truck is low on Freon, the air will not be as cold as it was when the Freon was at the right level. If you have never filled the Freon in a vehicle before, it is best to allow a professional handle the job for you to ensure you do not put too much into the truck. Too much Freon can cause hoses or gaskets to rupture and cause even more damage to your truck.

If you cannot figure out what is wrong with your truck, you can take it to a professional, like one at Arizona Fleet Service, to have him or her inspect the truck to determine what the issue is. If they find an issue, you can then choose to have the problem fixed or choose to leave the issue the way it is. You will not be required to have the issue resolved just because the mechanic looked at your vehicle.