Four Problems That Are A Disaster Waiting To Happen With Brakes

There are a lot of maintenance tasks that you need to do to your car. Some of the things you want to do include changing the oil and tune ups. The brakes are another important part of your car, which if the need for repairs go unnoticed, can be a disaster waiting to happen. Here are some things that you will want to know about caring for your brakes to ensure your safety:

1. Squeaking When You Bring Your Car To A Stop

One of the first signs of brake problems is squeaking brakes. This usually happens when the pads become worn and begin to start scraping the disks or drums. If yours make a squeaking noise when you use your brakes, you will want to take it in to have the pads changed and your brake system inspected before it leads to more serious problems.

2. Shaking And Vibrations Whenever You Apply Pressure To Pedals

When the pads begin to wear, they have metal pieces in them to tell you that the brake pads are low. These pieces scrape the rotors and cause a vibration. When they are left alone for too long, it can eventually lead to grooves wearing in the rotors, as well as overheating of brakes. This can lead to serious problems and may mean that you need to have the rotors turned.

3. Vary Little Resistance When You Step On The Brake Pedal

Sometimes, problems do not have to be so obvious. When you have your brake pads changed or repairs done, lines need to have air removed. This is called bleeding, and if it is not done, you may have little resistance when you step on the pedal. This can also be caused by other problems and air getting into your brake lines.

4. Complete Loss Of Pedal And Going All The Way To The Floor With No Response

Another serious problem that you may have with your brakes is no pedal at all. If you step on the pedal and it goes all the way to the floor, this is a sign that the brake cylinder if failing. If this happens to your car, you may need to have the master brake cylinder replaced to get the brakes working on your car.

These are some things that you will want to know about your brakes to ensure you do not have problems. If you think your brakes are overdue for maintenance, contact an auto repair shop to have the maintenance done to ensure your car is safe for the road. To learn more, speak with someone like Cadwalader Service Centre, Inc.