What Steps Are Involved In Restoring Your Classic Car?

Maybe it's always been a dream of yours to own a hot rod, or a classic Porsche roadster. For many people, though, the dream never becomes a reality. Instead, they just admire these beautiful classic cars from afar. However, sometimes a person will get the chance to buy a classic car. The most affordable classic cars are "project cars." These are cars that require serious work. Even if you are not mechanically inclined, it might be a great opportunity to own the car of your dreams. Below are some questions to ask yourself before restoring a classic car.

Engine Overhaul or Simply Tuned Up?

Does the engine need a complete overhaul or is it in pretty good shape? If the previous owner kept the car garaged, then you might be very lucky. The car might not have many miles on it. Bring the car to a mechanic and have them look it over. If the car is running, and there are no visible signs that there is transmission trouble, then you might not need to do much.

Get Under The Car: How Does The Exhaust Look?

Take a look under the car. The exhaust system is one of the major problems with older cars. The pipes can rust and need replacement. While you are under the car check out for any frame rust. You will likely hear the exhaust problem, but it is a good idea to check out the undercarriage of the car. There might be bad spots of rust that have yet to cause an audible problem. If the exhaust looks rusty, then bring the car in to an auto repair shop. You should also have them check out the suspension while they are under the car.

Should You Chrome Out The Engine?

If you are lucky to have the funds, then a chromed engine is an awesome addition to any restoration job. When you travel around to classic car shows you will see that many have the engine hoods propped up. The engines in many of these cars have been beautifully chromed out. It is a luxurious addition, but one that really makes the car stand out.

Does The Body Need Work?

This is the part of the restoration job everyone focuses on, and for good reason. A classic car that has a dented body and a bad paint job is not impressive. If your car doesn't need any major bodywork, then you're set for the paint job. This is where the real magic comes in. A bright, glossy paint job is instrumental in getting your car to stand out.

Most auto body paint shops can handle the job. You don't have to find one that specializes in classic cars. Check out some of the paint jobs you like on line and then speak to the painters who are going to work on the car. Bring in sample photos so they have the exact understanding of what you want.