Have A Chip Or Ding On Your Windshield? Use These 4 Tips To Make Sure It Doesn't Spread

Dings and chips on your windshield can lead to cracks that require windshield replacement. However, if your view is not obstructed and you need to drive your car, there are some steps you can take to make sure the ding or chip in your windshield doesn't spread and become more serious.

Use Tape

A simple way to keep the chip or ding under control is to use a piece of clear tape. Simply put the tape over the chip and make sure it is completely covered. The tape will help dirt and dust to stay out of the ding, which can make it easier to repair, and help prevent the ding from turning into a crack.

Avoid Commercial Car Washes

When you have a ding or chip in your windshield and go to a commercial car wash, you may discover that after the wash is over, the small chip you had has turned into a crack. High pressure washing should be avoided to maintain the integrity of your windshield. 

Don't Expose the Windshield to Extreme Hot or Cold Temperatures

Extreme temperatures can be bad for your windshield, even without dings and chips. But if you park your car in the sun, the heat can cause the ding in your windshield to expand and crack. Instead, park your car in a covered parking lot or garage. If you are unable to do that, find a shady tree to park under, so that the sun's rays don't bear down on your car directly. Also, consider leaving your windows cracked so that the interior of your car doesn't heat up, which can cause windshield problems from the inside.

Just as you want to avoid the hot rays of the sun, it is important that you refrain from using the air conditioner or the heat while you've got a ding on your windshield. These temperature changes can cause the windshield to expand or shrink, and that can cause your ding to deepen into a crack.

Don't Slam Doors

It's important that you don't cause vibrations on the glass if you don't want the chip or ding to spread. If you drive the car, the windshield will vibrate, but you can avoid additional vibrations by closing car doors gently. 

The tips above can help you to keep dings and chips from spreading. Make sure that you get your windshield repaired as soon as you can; if you need to have the windshield replaced, you need to do so before you cause injury to yourself or others.