Revealing The Truth Concerning Two Common Machine Shop Myths

For individuals and businesses that need custom parts or tools, using the services of a machine shop may be the most affordable and convenient option for meeting this need. However, you may not have needed the services of a machinist in the past, and this can result in you having inaccurate information about these professionals and the services they offer. Being aware of the following two myths should better prepare you to use these services.

Myth: Machine Shops Only Make Custom Tools And Products

One of the more common reasons for using a machinist is to have a custom tool or product made. While this is a common service, it is important to note that it is not the only way these individuals can help you. 

Many machine shops also provide repair services to those with custom made tools and devices. These professionals are uniquely positioned to understand the challenges that arise from working with custom-made devices, and this will help them to repair your tool as quickly and affordably as possible. This is especially true for items that need parts made using molds and other advanced machining techniques. 

Myth: You Must Pay Tooling Costs For Every Order

Before your machinist can start working on your order, they will have to create the proper molds and tools needed to craft your item. Unfortunately, there is a common notion that you will have to pay a tooling cost for every order. While this may be true for some orders, there might be a way for you to avoid paying this fee. 

For those needing their item made using a mold, you may be able to avoid paying for tooling if you request for the mold to be saved. Often, these professionals will store the mold for a set amount of time, and if you have not ordered before the end of the time period, the machinist will reserve the right to destroy the original mold. Unfortunately, these molds can only be used a set number of times before they suffer too much wear to be usable, but the number of uses will vary based on the design and materials used. Luckily, your machinist will likely be able to provide a rough estimate for the number of uses that you can expect from the mold. 

Using a machine shop can be a great way of getting the components you need without being forced to order in bulk. However, if you believe these myths about machine shops, you may not understand what to expect from these professionals, but learning the truth behind these two common myths should help you to better understand how to get the most from these service providers.