toad's RV-8


15 SEP 07 - Part II - Completed Front HS Spar, Match Drilled Left HS Skin - 6 Hours

I couldn't stand all this work without anything getting done on my airplane! So I dove right in where I left off. I drilled/filed a bend relief hole in the front spars, and then bent them to match the 6 degree angle of the front spar reinforcements. Then I dimpled the front spar and countersunk the HS-810/814-1. I need to start taking more pictures, but I was really flying now.

I notched the aft end of the HS-404 ribs, and taking Brad Oliver's advice, I left the notches a little undersized as I can always take more off later.

I fluted HS 706, HS 707, and HS-708.

Then I marked and drilled the HS-405 ribs. Again taking Brad's excellent advice, I drilled the holes where HS-405 attaches to the front spar and HS-404 a little closer together than what the plans call for to avoid edge distance problems on HS-404.

Then you cleco together one side of the HS.

Horizontal Stabilizer Skeleton
What a mess I've made!

I drilled out the holes where the ribs attach to the spars to #30 (with the exception of HS-708 - it gets drilled #21 for pop-rivets).

The skins get put on next, and HS-404 and HS-405 get marked, fluted, and clamped in place to await drilling (they do not come pre-drilled).

Left HS Skins
Here you can see HS-404 and HS-405 in place. HS-404 has been drilled. You have to flute both of the ribs, mark a centerline on each, then clamp in place and drill with the centerline showing through the holes in the skins. Sounds complicated, but it was pretty straightforward. Once HS-404 is drilled, you then drill the inboard portion of the front spar, which also does not come pre-drilled. Starting to look like airplane parts! Can't wait to get these suckers deburred and primed so I can pound some rivets.